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SwiftyEdit 1.2.1

A minor update for SwiftyEdit is available.

Version 1.2.1:

  • Fix background color in events (frontend)
  • Add HTMLPurifier (backend and frontend)
  • Fix the page crawler that creates the page index (backend)


SwiftyEdit 1.2

SwiftyEdit 1.2 is ready and brings some new features in addition to the usual bug fixes. There are also some important security updates for the frontend. Find out what's new here.


Screenshots (Backend)

Some Screenshots from the Backend.


SwiftyEdit 1.1.2

This release focuses mainly on minor bug fixes. Slightly we have polished the look and made some things a little bit nicer.


SwiftyEdit 1.1.0

In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, we have made great progress especially in the area of the store and product management.


SwiftyEdit 1.0.0

A little more than 200 commits after the first release on GitHub, the first final version is available for download.


Switch from flatCore CMS to SwiftyEdit

The content management system flatCore is getting on in years and is no longer actively developed. In this article you will learn how to switch to SwiftyEdit (This article is constantly updated and supplemented).


Hoooray - We're online

I'm proud to announce the launch of swiftyedit.org today. You will find all relevant articles on modules, themes and plugins here.

It's Open Source

SwiftyEdit is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can therefore be used free of charge for all projects. Of course also for commercial ones. You are welcome to join the project: GitHub