SwiftyEdit v1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 is now available for download. Some new features and improvements have been implemented. Find out what's new here.

Release notes

  • Improved graphical interface in the complete backend
  • The publishing of products has been simplified
  • Products can be categorized into price groups
  • Translations for Polish, Greek, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Turkish have been added
  • New option: New users must be activated by an administrator
  • Images/thumbnails, e.g. for products or blog articles, can be reordered using drag & drop


As usual, the update is displayed in the backend (Settings / Update) and can be loaded directly.


If you are new to SwiftyEdit, you can find installation instructions here.

It's Open Source

SwiftyEdit is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can therefore be used free of charge for all projects. Of course also for commercial ones. You are welcome to join the project: GitHub