SwiftyEdit 1.1.0

In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, we have made great progress especially in the area of the store and product management.

Release Notes

  • Filters on product pages can now contain both radio inputs and checkboxes.
  • Lists for snippets, products, posts and events have a consistent pagination. The Items per Page value can be changed at any time.
  • Fix - Product thumbnails were not displayed correctly in search results.
  • The method pages are saved and updated has been changed. This will affect themes in the near future (live edit).
  • Default product sorting can be defined in the backend.
  • Update to Bootstrap 5.3 - we are using the Light/Dark mode in the backend.
  • All controls in the backend have been aligned. This mainly affects the blog, store and events areas.


As always, the update is displayed in the backend under Preferences > Update.


If you are new to SwiftyEdit, you can find an installation guide here.

It's Open Source

SwiftyEdit is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can therefore be used free of charge for all projects. Of course also for commercial ones. You are welcome to join the project: GitHub