Switch from flatCore CMS to SwiftyEdit

The content management system flatCore is getting on in years and is no longer actively developed. In this article you will learn how to switch to SwiftyEdit (This article is constantly updated and supplemented).

Step 1: Install SwiftyEdit

Create a new installation of SwiftyEdit on your server. You don't have to create new users or pages here, because we want to import the data. During the installation two test pages will be created - you can simply delete them.

Step 2: Install migrate.mod

Download the addon migrate.mod and install it in your new SwiftyEdit page. Just copy the folder migrate.mod into the directory /content/modules/. The addon can also be found on GitHub: https://github.com/SwiftyEdit/migrate.mod

Step 3: Get data (SQLite)

The database files of flatCore are located in the directory /content/SQLite/. Copy from here the files ...

  • flatCore ... /content/SQLite/content.sqlite3
  • flatCore .../content/SQLite/user.sqlite3
  • flatCore .../content/SQLite/posts.sqlite3

... to the directory /content/modules/migrate.mod/upload/

Then go to Addons > Modules > migrate.mod in the backend and select import fC. Now your three database files should be listed and you can import all three.

The directories for uploads (images and files) are completely identical. So you can simply copy all your uploads into the new installation. This concerns the folders

  • /content/avatars/
  • /content/files/
  • /content/galleries/
  • /content/images/

What do I have to consider if I had installed my own themes and plugins?

Much has remained identical. Some variables and constants have changed (this list is incomplete and will be extended).

  Type flatCore SwiftyEdit
Themes/Plugins Constant FC_SOURCE SE_CONTENT
Themes/Plugins Constant FC_CORE_DIR SE_ROOT
Themes/Plugins Variable $fc_prefs $se_prefs
Themes/Plugins Variable $fct_slug $swifty_slug
Themes Smarty Variable {$fc_template} {$se_template}
Themes Smarty Variable {$fc_inc_dir} {$se_inc_dir}

Tip: The most common change is the change of the prefix. So if you used the prefix "fc_" in your template, you can be pretty sure that the variable needs to be changed to "se_".

The XY function is missing?

Some things were also deleted without replacement:

  • In the settings, the input field for global headers.
  • In the pages the fields "Optional content", and the two fields for "Code injections".
  • The complete statistics/tracker function



It's Open Source

SwiftyEdit is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can therefore be used free of charge for all projects. Of course also for commercial ones. You are welcome to join the project: GitHub